About Us


Sarasota and Riverview High Schools are located just a few miles from each other, in beautiful Sarasota County, Florida. In the summer of 1980, two groups of local residents, each representing the 1966 alumni of their respective schools, developed a plan to jointly sponsor one single class reunion.  The "Combined SHS and RHS 15th Class Reunion", held the following year, was well attended and the decision was made to continue the arrangement for future reunions. "The Reunion66 Committee" (that's us) was officially chartered as a result of that agreement. Many years and several reunions later, we are still working well together and we are still putting together very successful SHS and RHS combined reunions.

Committee Details:

There are about 20 of us on the Reunion66 Committee. The number of us varies from year to year as other obligations in our lives come and go. We are about evenly split between SHS and RHS alumni. We are also about evenly spit between men and women. Several spouses participate. We are always happy to welcome new members (hint, hint) and no one is turned away. We like each other and we know we can depend on each other to follow through on our individual reunion duties. We all prefer to work quietly and without formal recognition. Our meetings are businesslike, although very casual, and we don't call for a get-together unless it is truly needed because, like you, we are also very busy with our other non-reunion activities.

Our Classmates:

The SHS and RHS classes of 1966 were roughly equal in size -- slightly less than 400 in each case. Our database of names contains a few more than 800 entries, some of which are multiples for a single person, as is the case when one person is reported at more than one address. As of our last count, we believe over 100 of our classmates have died (the count is not definite because a few reports are unconfirmed).

The Legal:

"Reunion66" is a non-profit organization registered as an independent business entity under the Fictitious Name laws of the state of Florida. "Reunion66" also operates as "The Reunion66 Committee". All Reunion66 published material, including our various logos, our website content, and the content of all of our mailings is copyrighted by Reunion66 and may not be reproduced in any fashion whatsoever without the express written consent of an authorized Reunion66 representative.